What is Fightlings?

Fightlings is a collectible card game (CCG) for mobile devices. Fightlings consists of two primary game modes: gathering/summoning, and PVP duels.

How do gathering and summoning work?

The gathering and crafting phase is context-sensitive, meaning real-world factors like time, weather, and your overall setting will affect the quantity and type of resources you can gather. These resources can then be used to summon creatures. Multiples of the same creature can be combined into more powerful versions.

How do PVP battles work?

Each clan consists of one Champion, four Fightlings, and twelve Minions. Once you have a clan’s complete deck, you can use it to duel with other players around the world. Duels are a mix of classic CCG battles with an added pairs game twist. The winner of a duel receives Marbles, which can be used to open portals and summon even rarer and more powerful creatures.

Do I have to travel to specific locations to find resources?

You can gather resources in any location: indoors or outdoors, day or night, rain or shine. Your in-game radar will reveal which types of resources you’ll find in a specific area. Occasionally, a special event may require you to visit a specific type of location, or even a specific location, to collect a unique resource.

How do POIs work?

POIs (Points of Interest) are specially-marked spots on the radar that correspond to real-world landmarks, offering increased chances for resources and creatures. Tap on a POI for more information.

What are Limited-Time POIs?

These special POIs spawn in random and unpredictable locations, and only last for a short time. When you spot one on the radar, find it before the timer runs out for valuable rewards.

What are the device requirements to run Fightlings?

Fightlings runs on iOS 9 or higher and Android 5 or higher. The game requires an internet connection, and your GPS must be activated to gather resources.

In which languages is the game available?

Fightlings is currently available in English and German.

Why isn’t Fightlings available in my country/region?

We’re working hard to bring Fightlings to all players worldwide. Before we introduce the game to a new territory, we need to test and optimize our server structure for that region. Follow us on Twitter and┬álike us on Facebook for updates!

Does Fightlings cost anything?

No – you can download and play Fightlings for free, though the game includes a shop where items can be bought for real money.

Are there any age restrictions?

According to our privacy policy you need to be at least 13 to play or download Fightlings.

Where can I get news and updates?

Official site:

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