What is Fightlings?

Fightlings is a collectible card game (CCG) for mobile devices. Fightlings consists of two primary game modes: gathering/summoning, and PVP duels.

How does gathering work?

You can gather Fightling souls anytime and anywhere, but the types of souls you’ll find vary depending on your context. This includes everything from the time of day to the weather to the type of location you’re in: for example, busy streets will tend toward red souls, apartments and office buildings toward orange, and large bodies of water or areas of open sky toward blue.

To gather at a specific location, tap the eyeball icon. This will show you all the potential resources you can find at that particular spot. You can then either gather or cancel and move somewhere else.

After gathering several times in one location, you will start receiving fewer souls each time you gather. (When the eyeball starts looking tired, you are beginning to deplete the area.) If you continue gathering in one spot, you will eventually deplete it and no souls will be available. To continue gathering souls, you’ll have to move to another location.

How do PVP battles work?

Each clan consists of one Champion, four Fightlings, and twelve Minions. Once you have a clan’s complete deck, you can use it to duel with other players in real time. Duels mix classic CCG mechanics with an added Memory game twist. The winner of a duel receives Gold, which can be used to open portals; EXP, which increases your player level; and Prestige, which raises your ranking on the weekly leaderboard.

How do POIs (points of interest) work?

At every POI, in addition to finding regular souls, you’ll have a small chance of finding fully-formed creatures. Tap the icon on the radar to see which factions’ creatures can be found nearby. For those with multiple factions, they are often divided by time of day – come back at different times to see how they change.

How do I summon and level creatures?

Go to the Creatures screen, then select a clan and tap “Lab”. Tap on a creature to see how many souls are needed to summon it.

If you keep summoning the same creature, you will eventually be able to raise its level. This requires Gold, as well as an increasing number of creatures for each successive level.

The creature’s upgraded stats will be shown in parentheses, so you can check to see what you’ll get for leveling, and choose which creatures to level first. Once you have the required number of each, tap the “level up” button.

My soul meter is totally full and I still don’t have enough to summon a Champion. What can I do?

The only way to raise your soul capacity is by leveling up. Keep gathering, crafting, and dueling until your capacity is higher! (NOTE: Resources gained from portals and rewards can exceed your current soul cap.)

What if I find a bug in the game?

If you encounter a bug, please take a screenshot (if possible) and post it in this thread in our forum: Fightlings Bug Reports

What are the device requirements to run Fightlings?

Fightlings runs on iOS 9 or higher and Android 5 or higher. The game requires an internet connection, and your GPS must be activated to gather resources.

In which languages is the game available?

Fightlings is currently available in English and German.

Why isn’t Fightlings available in my country/region?

We’re working hard to bring Fightlings to all players worldwide. Before we introduce the game to a new territory, we need to test and optimize our server structure for that region. Follow us on Twitter and┬álike us on Facebook for updates!

Does Fightlings cost anything?

No – you can download and play Fightlings for free, though the game includes a shop where items can be bought for real money.

Are there any age restrictions?

According to our privacy policy you need to be at least 13 to play or download Fightlings.

Where can I get news and updates?

Official site:
Official Forum:
Visit the Fightlings YouTube Channel for trailers and tutorials

Other questions/concerns? Let us know!

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